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General presentation about Morocco:


       Morocco is a beautiful and attractive country with its rich culture and interesting history and has such diversity in location; it is considered one of the best tourist locations. The climate, the sunshine, the serene coastline, the High plateau, the Desert, and the Atlas Mountains make your trip worth the money. It is at the crossroad of Europe and Africa. The country has a very strong sense of culture. Various rulers that ruled the country influenced the country’s cultural diversity. The original inhabitants are, however, the Amazighs (Berber) people. Morocco has been ruled by many dynasties (Idrissids, Almoravids, Almohads, Mirinids, Saadieds, and Alaouite dynasty). Phoenicians, Romans, and Portuguese influences have contributed to a rich cultural heritage that every Moroccan is proud of. 

     The beauty of landscapes makes Morocco one of the most attractive countries for tourists coming from all over the world. The Moroccan landscape is unique and provides different natural landscapes: The Rif Mountains in the north, the Atlas Mountains (Middle, High, and Anti Atlas), the Plaines in the middle of the country, High plateau of Eastern Morocco, the valleys of Great South-east and the Desert in the south have a great appeal. Everyone would like to discover such a culturally rich and environmentally friendly country. Morocco is a hot tourist destination for many people from every corner of the world. Our government has made a conscious effort to make tourism the number one industry in the country.