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Tour of 10 days in the Central High Atlas :

1st day: Transfer from Marrakech to Imilchil.

      Departure from your hotel in Marrakech to Imilchil, after around 3 hours of driving we arrive to Beni Mellal city, where we can stop for bathroom and coffee and in Ain Assrdoun for taking photos, then we drive through the High Atlas Mountains. We can have lunch in Tagleft in traditional restaurant or taking picnic with you till the plateau of Tingarf. We reach Imilchil by the end of afternoon. (Transfer).

2nd day: Imilchil : Isli and Tislit Lakes.

     An interesting day, after breakfast we visit the two famous Lakes of Tislit and Isli and having lunch near the lake of Isli. In the afternoon you have possibility to walk around the village of Imilchil and in the fields meeting people working and looking after their cattles of sheep and cows. We will spend night in the same hotel. (Around 5 hours walk).

3th day: Imilchil_Oulghazi_Aghbalou n’Mohtti.

      After breakfast we start our first day hiking by crossing some villages of Ait Hdiddou tribe, following the Assif Melloul River to arrive Oulghazi village, where we stop for lunch. In the afternoon we continue through the river with feet in the water, after 2 hours we reach Aghbalou n’Mohti for spending the night in the bivouac. (Around 6 hours walk). 

4th day : Aghbalou n’Mohtti to Batli.

     We start in the morning following the same river and feet obligatory in water, after around 2 hours we find the exceptional and extraordinary collective granary of Ighrem n’Uchtin built in the 17th century by Ait Abdi Tribe. We have our lunch in the shadow of trees near the river, and then we continue to reach the small and beautiful village of Batli by the end of afternoon. (Around 7 hours walk).

-P.S. Ighrem n’Uchtin is one of the most beautiful and unique collective granaries in Morocco, which built by Ait Abdi Tribe in the cliffs of the mountains in the 17th century to protect their important materials (foods, jewelers, wool…) in the periods of drought and troubles. 

5th day: Batli_ Ait Boulmane_ Inddahne.

       Short day we have only 2 hours and half from Batli to reach Ait Boulmane in the guest house “Tighremt Assif Melloul”, where we have lunch. Free afternoon, it is possible if you want to take traditional Hamam, it is possible also to walk around the fields and gardens and come back to the guest house for the night.( around 4 hours walk).

6th day : Ait Boulmane_Ait Khoya_Ait Boulmane.

      Starting from Ait Boulmane passing through Inddahne and on the way we visit the collective granary of the village, we arrive to the top of small hill, where we can have nice view on the whole valley, then we continue to Ait Khoya, where we have lunch under Walnut trees. In the afternoon we take another way near the river, which leads us to go back to our hotel in Ait Boulmane. (Around 5 hours walk).

7th day: Ait Boulmane_ plateau of Koucer.

     Departure at 07:00 leaving Anergui valley to climbe  Wagnana, after 3 hours of walking we reach the cave of Ifri n’Wagnana.  Beautiful vue panoramic on of the two rivers Assif Melloul and Assif n’Tafraout. After small break we continue to Tanout n’Koucer for lunch under shade of Jinneper trees. Free afternoon and visit of nomad family. The night in the Bivouac under tents. (around 6 hours walk).

-P.S. According to some oral tradition, the cave was settled by Ali Ou Soukhman the father and the founder of the Confederation of Ait Soukhman in the 17th centry, which is composes of four main tribes: Ait Daoud Ou Ali, Ait Abdi Ou Ali, Ait Hmama Ou Ali and Ait Said Ou Ali.

8th day: plateau of Koucer_Maskou_Tifoyna.

      An interesting day, crossing the the plateau of Maskou and meeting the nomads of Anergui and Ait Abdi looking after their cattles of sheeps and goats. These mountains are rich with its wild life and forest of jinneper. We will have lunch nearby the plateau of Maskou. In the afternoon we go down to the granary of Tifoyna. (Around 7 hours walk).

9th day: Tifoyna_Amzray_Zaouit Ahansal.

       After breakfast we walk 3 hours to go down to Zaouit Ahansal, we visit the collective granary of Ait Ben Moh in Amzray 1 then, the granary of  Ait Ben Hmad in Amzray 2. Lunch in guest house in the village of Agoudim. In the afternoon we will have little walk in Agouddim to discover the collective granary of Ait Okdim, Ait Omhdar and the most ancient collective granary of Ait Sidi Moulay (around 500 years old), we will spend night in Gite with the Amazigh (Berber) family.(Around 6 hours walk).

10th day: Departure and back to Marrakech.

      Starting in the morning on 4*4/Minibus on the road of Ait Mhamd and Azilal city for lunch in the Ouzoud Waterfalls. After lunch we visit the waterfalls then we continue our trip to reach Marrakech in the early evening.

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